The Pixel2AC line of boards allow you to drive dimmable high voltage AC outputs, from a WS2811 pixel line. The board itself is powered by the 5V or 12V power in your existing pixel wiring.


No external configuration is needed, this board is PLUG & PLAY!


This board features 1 AC input, and 3 AC outputs. The board can be placed "in line" in a pixel string, as it will output WS2811 data as well.


  • The board comes shipped inside a UL rated TA-200 enclosure.
  • Includes a 3-Core xConnect Pigtail. 
  • Includes 1 x AC Power input, and 3 x AC Power output cords.
  • Includes 1 Attached Custom Heat Sink .
  • Integrated data indicator LED.
  • Built in test mode.

Pixel2AC3 / Ready to Run


    Board Type Pixel2AC/AC3
    Input Pixel Type Any WS2811 Pixel
    Input Pixel Voltages 5V or 12V
    Output Data Types WS2811
    AC Voltage

    110V-120V @ 60hz

    220V-240V @ 50hz

    # of AC Inputs 1
    # of AC Outputs 3
    # of Pixels/Nodes Consumed 1
    # of Channels Consumed 3
    Recommended Board Max Amps 3A
    Board Absolute Max Amps / Fuse Size 5A
    Per Output Absolute Max Amps 5A max per output