IMPORTANT: A Raspberry Pi Input Extender Pi Hat is required to add-on this product.


Input Extender Nodes bring additional input screw terminals into your display.  Each Input Extender Node board come pre-installed in a weatherproof TA-200 enclosure.  All you have to do is connect a CAT5 cable to another Input Extender Node and you are ready to go.

Input Extender Add-On Node + Container

  • On-Board CAT5/6 Ports 2
    On-Board Input Screw Terminals 6
    Input Indicator LEDs 6
    On-Board Power Screw Terminals 1
    Max Current (if connecting 5V from Pi) 500mA
    Max Current (if connecting to external voltage source) 1A
    Enclosure Weatherproof TA-200 Enclosure